BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.
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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by MK- » 08 May 2020, 07:42

I still have Out Of Range

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by naso » 09 May 2020, 21:43

I can't get mine over 179hz.

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by MK- » 10 May 2020, 06:13

I do what you say but I still have Out Of Range. this chinese program doesn't work. xl2411p

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by Dan111baSh » 10 May 2020, 10:47

naso wrote:
09 May 2020, 21:43
I can't get mine over 179hz.
same problem..

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by Jaymusta » 11 May 2020, 21:45

Hi everyone, the discovery of this thread has led me to create an account so I can post here.

I happen to own a benq xl2720 and I've had success overclocking it up to 180hz. Over the past month I've tried pushing it beyond 180hz to hopefully get to that sweet spot of 220hz, but I've never actually seen this monitor go beyond 180hz.

I'm able to overclock to 178hz without messing with the timings, but 180hz requires some manual tweaking. I've also tried using CRU since it has some additional options to mess with over nvidia control panel, but I got the same results.

I'm currently using a displayport cable with a gtx1070 founder's edition, but have also tried using the DVI cable that came with the monitor and still got the same results.

The other thread mentioned that the color depth seems to reduce to 6-bit when overclocking over 165hz. So I thought it might have to do with the color depth that's set on my monitor as it seems to stay on 8-bit (or at least it says 8-bit) even when overclocked to 180hz. I couldn't really find a way to change the color depth manually on Windows 10 1809, but maybe I need to do more research to figure that out.

Maybe I'm unlucky and just have a monitor that can't overclock as far as the other monitors of the same model.

Despite all this, I don't want to give up. Maybe there's something I'm missing here that someone here could suggest?

For now, I'm just running the monitor at 176hz.

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by iwantfatty » 16 May 2020, 06:20

Hiya, I was able to get the overclock to work but now evertime I have DVI connected I have a black bar running along the bottom of the screen. - see pic couldn't get the img tags to work :\

I thought I had damaged the screen during the overclock by when I got back to display port I have no issues. Note I can't seem to use overclock while on displayport switches engine to gsync with displayport only.

I checked through the other pages and didn't see anyone with a simmilar problem, any ideas? I was enjoying the 220hz! :)

Any idea how to resolve the messed up picture over DVI?

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by striker333 » 16 May 2020, 09:52

my max oc with 2720z is 200hz anything over this give me out of range iam using dvi cable but i have also an old d.port cable but with it cant even oc to 165 so do u need new display port cable or can i play with the display timing ???

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by Giorgaz » 22 May 2020, 18:12

Chief Blur Buster wrote:
12 Jul 2019, 18:56
Successful Universal 144Hz -> 220Hz Overclock For BenQ
For BenQ/ZOWIE 144Hz 1080P Monitors

200Hz+ Overclock Successes So Far
- XL2720 at 220Hz
- XL2720Z at 220Hz
- XL2420G at 220Hz
- XL2430T at 215Hz via DP
- XL2411Z at 200Hz via DVI
- XL2411Z at 210Hz via DVI using ToastyX Pixel Patcher (uncap DVI)

No S-Switch Needed!
Credit to forum member loopy750 for discovering the S-Switch 220Hz Overclock Hack for BenQ 144Hz monitors!
However, it's possible to overclock without the S-Switch! You heard about this on Blur Busters first.
And, yes, it lowers lag to less than 144Hz

Potentially Supported Models
Most 144Hz 1080p BenQ / ZOWIE monitors with DisplayPort between 2013-2019.
XL2420, XL2420Z, XL2420G (Classic Engine), XL2420P, XL2411P, XL2430T
IMPORTANT: Older T-Series Will NOT work (all models older then XL2430T)

-- You need 144Hz and 1080p and DisplayPort in your BenQ/Zowie
-- Easiest with NVIDIA GPU
-- This won't work with 240Hz BenQs
-- This won't work with 1440p BenQs
-- Works with DisplayPort (~220Hz) and DVI (~200Hz). Try both ports, one may overclock higher than other.
-- IMPORTANT: For old XL2720Z (V2) do NOT combine blur reduction with overclock unless you know what you're doing (strobe backlight voltage boost bug in pre-2015 firmwares). If you dare try, set Persistence / Strobe Duty to 5 or less BEFORE you overclock.. This risk doesn't apply if you are not using motion blur reduction.

The "Out Of Range" Defeat Trick
  1. You need two monitors to make this easy.
  2. Set your BenQ/Zowie as primary.
  3. Download Entech Taiwan SoftMCCS
  4. Launch SoftMCCS onto 2nd monitor (the one you're not overclocking)
  5. Launch NVIDIA Control Panel onto 2nd monitor
  6. Select the 220 Hz custom mode in NVIDIA Control Panel (create it if not already created)
  7. Your BenQ will immediately go OUT OF RANGE
  8. Now in SoftMCCS (displayed on your 2nd monitor), click "OSD language - 0xCC" -> Activate
  9. Next, click "Display application - 0xDC" -> Activate.
  10. Doing both of the above will dismiss the OUT OF RANGE watchdog and your 220Hz will appear!
To Improve 220 Hz Colors And Sharpness
  1. In SoftMCCS, select "Movie" radio button (nothing will happen until step 3)
  2. Click "Display application - 0xDC" -> Activate.
  3. 220Hz becomes visible but sharpness will go out of whack. Slide "Sharpness" to "5"
  4. The picture looks much better color quality, and graident looks fully 8bit (via GPU soft-DRC)
You will have 6-bit color depth on the DisplayPort cable but the NVIDIA GPU will be automatically doing GPU-side temporal dithering (DRC) to convert 6-bit to 8-bit. It might not always be as good quality as the monitor DRC but much better looking than 6-bit color. The GPU DRC looks nearly as good as monitor DRC if using Movie Mode.

You will have to repeat the important "OSD language" -> "0xCC" -> "Activate" in SoftMCCS steps every time you switch back into 220Hz. To prevent having to do this too many times repeatedly, make sure you have SoftMCCS running on your 2nd monitor and make sure your Desktop is 220Hz before you launch your game in 220Hz. Then Windows/Game is not doing any mode switches. Do not Alt+Enter / Alt+Tab. The single most important step is SoftMCCS window open on 2nd monitor, and ready to click "OSD language - 0xCC" -> Activate .... whenever you see an OUT OF RANGE message pop up on your monitor.

Disclaimer: Blur Busters disclaims responsibility for any damages. Do at own risk. It works on my BenQ XL2720Z, but your mileage will vary.

Post Your Success Reports Here
The SoftMMCCS has been pretty useless for me on a XL2411P, whenever I hit activate on 0xCC or 0xDC nothing happens I still get the out of range message, I did get a 150Hz on Display port however just through Nvidia control panel.

The application is non responsive a lot of the time, what am I doing wrong. i followed step by step and I keep getting an out of range message.

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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 22 May 2020, 22:21

Try 0xCC *then* 0xDC

Or use one of the software utilities (in one of the earlier pages) to do it automatically instead of SoftMCCS.
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Re: BenQ UNIVERSAL 144Hz->220Hz OVERCLOCK for 1080p 144 Hz

Post by InvictuSZN » 24 May 2020, 21:12

So uhm.. I managed to get this to work on a XL2411P with Displayport on 210hz on all my resolutions that I play on which are 1440x1080 and 1440x900 as well as normal 1920x1080. One major problem is tho that I am forced to completely turn off AMA which results in noticeable ghosting. Like when Im in 210hz mode and I activate AMA I get really weird artifacts and they go away instantly if I turn it off again. Is there any way I can use AMA? Cuz even at like 180hz it wont let me use it which is rather disappointing. I am using CRU btw and havent messed with Vertical Totals or anthing I just put in my res and put it to LCD reduced and thats it, so maybe thats something i could try? Any help appreciated.

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