Panasonic P50ST50 120hz - Frame skipping, no fix?

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Panasonic P50ST50 120hz - Frame skipping, no fix?

Post by Sublett » 26 Aug 2019, 04:16


Long time fan of the website and anything with high hertz!

I currently have one Benq XL2411T (1920x1080p@144hz via DVI-D) in the Office, and a Pansonic P50ST50 in the living room.
Haven't had any success with the Benq, but yesterday I tried my hand at overclocking the Panasonic.

I was able to immediatly set the Panasonic to 1280x720p@120hz, with no real noticable issue. But when running the Frame Skip test ( it was quite apparent that TV was basically skipping certain frames and not producing real 120hz.

I tried various other refresh rates for 1280x720p, and I would get the same result from 115hz -> 125hz. All settings were done in nVidia over HDMI cable. I also tried ToastyX custom resolution program, but had the same result.

Is there any solution for frame skipping? Would it help to adjust the different back porch settings e.t.c.? Or is Frame Skipping basically a limitation on the monitor/TV and you can't really do anything about it?

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