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XF252Q Overclocking Software LOCKED!

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XF252Q Overclocking Software LOCKED!

Postby B1GGS » 02 Sep 2019, 22:57

When attempting to overclock my XF252Q to 241hz the monitor goes black and displays something like "unsupported input" in BIG RED letters.

I'm very disappointed at Acer for this one.

I Have a XF250Q and i can overclock it to 255hz STABLE!! (runs 257hz but blinks).

I had high hopes the XF252Q would overclock nicely and Acer let us down. EVEN MY PG258Q can overclock to 241hz.

SO maybe there is away to flash a new monitor firmware to GET RID of this soft lock.

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Re: Acer XF252Q LOCKED

Postby B1GGS » 02 Sep 2019, 23:03

for the mean time
You can still overclock these values.

Anyone have Experience overclocking these values? so far i only added 2 to front porch from 48 to 50.
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