AOC 24E1Q 60hz -> 75hz

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.
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AOC 24E1Q 60hz -> 75hz

Post by ipswhore » 25 Sep 2019, 19:52

First OC I've ever done so I didn't test much apart from the frameskipping. Gonna run some games on it and see how it performs.


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Re: AOC 24E1Q 60hz -> 75hz

Post by RealNC » 27 Sep 2019, 08:24

Looks good. Also, I was doing the same with my old 60Hz monitor (77Hz was the maximum it could do in my case.) 15Hz more doesn't sound like much on paper, but it actually does make quite a difference in games.
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