Succesful ASUS MX279H 60 > 75hz overclock

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Succesful ASUS MX279H 60 > 75hz overclock

Post by CeeJayDK » 14 Oct 2019, 10:03

I recently succesfully overclocked my Asus MX279H from 60 hz to 75hz and wanted to share.

It's a 1080P, 27" IPS panel with only HDMI input.
Excellent colors, viewing angles and a nice design.

I used Nvidias control panel to create a custom 1080P resolution.
Automatic timings worked for 74hz.
I used manual timings and set total pixels to 2000 x 1100 and that allowed me to get to 75hz without any issues.

I can push it to 76 hz too with less total pixels but then I get sync issues, and I can also lower the resolution and get 77hz.

I'm sticking with 75hz as it runs great. The blurbusters test for frameskipping showed no frameskipping was taking place.

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