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XL2411P Display Scaling

Posted: 04 May 2021, 11:39
by Previon
Hello there, i've had the XL2411P for a few years now and i've been wondering why i'm not able to use display scaling.
Is there any way to use display scaling on my monitor at 144hz?

Re: XL2411P Display Scaling

Posted: 06 May 2021, 09:42
by chumacher
Yes there is. custom timings are needed for it. youtuber FR33THY has few videos about the subject. watch them, learn the basics and go and create your monitor scaled custom resolution :)

I had xl2420z 144hz @ 210hz with true monitorscaling 1440x1080, and it was so much better than gpu scaled version of the same overclocked resolution. No i've upgraded to xl2546 and now i'm using 1440x1080 @ 240hz with true monitor scaling.

But what i've heard that this P variant of xl2411 has weaker scaler than more expensive models? Is there some waterproof information about this? please enlighten me if someone knows.