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CRT monitor

Talk about overclocking displays at a higher refresh rate. This includes homebrew, 165Hz, QNIX, Catleap, Overlord Tempest, SEIKI displays, certain HDTVs, and other overclockable displays.

Re: CRT monitor

Postby RealNC » 19 Oct 2016, 21:47

I'm not aware of any frame skipping in analog CRTs. They either sync, or they don't. But I didn't keep up with digital CRTs. Don't know about those.

With that being said, "overclocking" a CRT past its specs might fry it.
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Re: CRT monitor

Postby Falkentyne » 19 Oct 2016, 22:44

alex47 wrote:
spacediver wrote:what do you mean by "skipping"?

I mean when I move my mouse in a fast, circular motion on a black background I can see the mouse disappearing for a few frames

Every monitor does this.
That's what happens when you move the mouse at a speed faster than the refresh rate can update. 100% completely normal.
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