Best display to pair with GTX1070?

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Re: Best display to pair with GTX1070?

Post by Kosmos » 15 Sep 2018, 23:52

So I bought the Acer XB241H but it ended up horrible for me so I'm going to return it.

Problems with XB241H
- Backlight uniformity is bad. It is very bright is some areas and not in others. If I look at a red screen it would be deep red on the left side and pinkish on the right side.
- Ghosting is very noticeable when OD is set to extreme everything has a few millimeters of a shadow copy when moving. Setting it to normal makes the display as blurry as my 60hz IPS
- G-sync on this make my head ache for some reason. It is smoother but it sacrifices having a firm image with lots of purple afterimage and ghosting.
- Overclocking it to 180hz results in noticeable horizontal lines moving downwards as some people have reported

I have tried 3 different DP cables so I know its the monitor. I am on the lookout for a decent 24" 1080 monitor again for competitve gaming and media. You guys have more suggestions?

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Re: Best display to pair with GTX1070?

Post by Colt3d » 16 Sep 2018, 17:31

Get the Asus VG248QE they already recommended here, play on low settings with as high fps you can at 120 hz using toasty lightboost software from this site, it will make the images sharp clear.

Its a great monitor, been using it for more than 4 years competitively.

Screw gsync, just try it out.

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