Only 1 topic for each monitor model

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Only 1 topic for each monitor model

Post by MatrixQW » 11 Apr 2019, 14:11

This could be done for the 'General — Displays, Graphics & More' section.
It would reduce the number of topics and redundant information.
Keeping all information about one/a model in the same topic would be extremely useful.
If someone is deciding between two monitors, they could post in one of their respective topics. Three or more and a new topic with a subject without indicating models.

Creating a new topic for each model the subject would have only Brand Model. Any question/issue can set a new subject with a reply.
Quoting someone could have the quoted reply number* added automatically to work as a link to easily track the information. Also, when I quote someone I delete all text that is not related to the answer i'm giving. Keeps things visually clean.

* Chief, if you could implement this, it would be very useful when topics have tons of pages and you don't know wich page the quote came from and also to go there instantly.

viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5018 (About Asus VG258QR input lag)
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5159 (Asus VG278QR , 0.5ms, 165Hz, G-Sync Compatible)

This is an example of what I mean. There should be only the topic Asus VG258QR and with a reply you can set a subject.
When a new topic is created, moderators would control/check and move them to their respective topic instead of having tons of topics about the same monitor and usually/sometimes about the same issue !
This might seem difficult to achieve but once we start getting 1 topic per model it would keep things alot more easier to control and find.
It would have to be from now on obviously because you can't group different topics and tons of pages at this point.
Would like to know what users think of this idea.

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Re: Only 1 topic for each monitor model

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 15 Apr 2019, 11:26

We welcome brainstorms of ideas!

That said, some comments, surgically:

New forum software that lets users decide to pre-collapse all quotes (user's choice) is a good idea, since I've gotten that suggestion.

Personally, I would not replace the existing Blur Busters "General" forum for those who prefer the more ad-hoc nature of discussion
- Things like motion blur reduction of monitor A versus monitor B
- Talking about 2 similar monitors
- Lists of monitors compatible with a specific feature
- Deciding between X and Y and Z

However, a separate area for monitor-specific threads can be created from scratch. But the timing has to be right. The thing is that there is an equilibrium between a too-quiet discussion area (discourage people) and a too-popular discussion area (discourages people). Since 2009, there are now over 400 models of "Better Than 60Hz" monitors. Also some of these threads can get crapped-on by one user with a major warranty claim, distracting from other users who just want to talk about other good features of the same monitor. In these cases we prefer separate threads for separate things about the same monitor (a thread from a talkative user of a defective monitor, plus a separate tech thread by blur-reduction tweakers) -- as one of the many examples. So we theoretically end up with something potentially equally or more chaotic than the current General, with a model with over 100 replies, and other models with only 1 or 2 replies. And potentially dozens with 0 replies (for less popular models). Believe me, I've moderated forums since year 1999 including AVSFORUM (the world's largest home theater forum) and know the double-edged sword of various good ideas over the ages. Whatever has to be done, is done with careful thought.

Today, specific more-popular-models of monitors often organically gets their threads. Blur Busters doesn't plan to exercise that level of authoritative control over users to force users to slot their monitor into threads... Some people like the idea and some people hate the idea. So General continues while new areas are created.

Also, the manpower overhead of a specific idea, has to be carefully considered against some time that I need to spend against many other Blur Busters projects -- and so there are some high priority items. The moderation overhead of the status quo versus the extra work that the new method requires.

I do keep an eye for any frequently mentioned general topics that might warrant a new topic area, or a new kind of discussion venue.
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Posts: 219
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Re: Only 1 topic for each monitor model

Post by MatrixQW » 11 Jun 2019, 04:53

Chief Blur Buster wrote:However, a separate area for monitor-specific threads can be created from scratch. But the timing has to be right.
I think there is an opportunity for a new approach with the OLED gaming monitors comming in 2020.

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