Lightboost vs ULMB vs Benq BlurR. vs DyAc INPUT LAG

Ask about motion blur reduction in gaming monitors. Includes ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur), NVIDIA LightBoost, ASUS ELMB, BenQ/Zowie DyAc, Turbo240, ToastyX Strobelight, etc.
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Re: Lightboost vs ULMB vs Benq BlurR. vs DyAc INPUT LAG

Post by PanzerIV » 03 Sep 2019, 12:40

jurugi wrote:Let's say you do just spend that much and you get some game running at 500 fps, get the best monitor, turn on ulmb, etc.., and you also have like, some fiberoptics internet and combine all of it to be 'perfect' with the goal to minimize input lag, what if now you just suck at the game and you actually just see things a little better now? LOL wut. So now you're a little better but there's a guy who spent like 4500$ less fragging you anyway.

It is good howeverif they continually "improve the standard", but selling high priced monitors to people who think e-sports is a reality is kinda a joke to me.
Hahaha I laughted so much when I saw the part of the guy that spent 4500$ less and still frag you anyway. Like I keep saying, it's the same for a very good mouse, it won't make you any better if you just suck as you will still be bad. The better mouse will only let you reach ur full potential IF... you were limited or "bottlenecked" by the cheap mouse you had, that's all and it's the same thing with a faster monitor. I have a friend for which I built a computer, that is so obsessed by having the motion blur reduction activated etc but doesn't fully understand that it needs to be hardlocked to 100FPS/100Hz for full effectiveness and that is in my opinion just average skilled to the point that I would still win all the time against him even at 60Hz so it's not a bad thing he focus on getting good hardware and reducing blur but first of all he should focus more onto improving his FPS skills!

Improving the refresh rate is just totally useless if the hardware cannot follow. I had a GTX1080 then a 1080Ti and now a 2080Ti since a month and even if I average on maximum settings at 1440p to 120FPS or almost in (Hunt Showdown), I would still need to fall back to 100/100 if I want to be able to maintain it cause it's going all the time between 100-120. If with the best card on the planet I can't even stay at 120FPS all the time then wtf is the point of those 144-165-240Hz monitors other than charging you a huge extra that won't be usable at all?! I'm sure the difference between implementing a 144 or 240Hz chip in their monitor is barely any pricier.

I just bought also recently a (LG OLED C8 65in 2018) TV for my new "first" condo and while I had a damn good deal open box "brand new" at 1725$USD "2300$CAD" instead of regular price of 2250$USD "3000$CAD", it sucks that it is still just 60Hz even if it has way better color than any PC monitor. I have no clue why they can't make a goddamn 144Hz OLED as it's either you have perfect colors but shitty speed or the opposite. Anyway what I truly meant is that if I had such a beast of a TV for that price, there's no way I would pay a much inferior "quality-wise" and 2.4x smaller screen, almost the same price of a TV just to have it "240Hz or faster", that would make no sense.

I wouldn't say though that G-Sync adds any input lag at all. Just make sure you cap the FPS 3 frames under the refresh rate but anyway when I set mine to 165Hz I know that I will never ever get a frame rate that close even with a 2080Ti so I wouldn't even require to cap it but I still do just in case.
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Re: Lightboost vs ULMB vs Benq BlurR. vs DyAc INPUT LAG

Post by Gregix » 04 Sep 2019, 13:36

So ATM I am using XL2720Z. Strobed, 120hz, with vt tweak for brightness. Looking on my options(I have 1080 in wardrobe, and radeon7 now in PC) I rather skip anything with g-sync module(aiming in ULMB, I am very sensitive to blur) but again, do not wanna take out rad7 for it...
Like I was looking on AW2518H, for ULMB 144Hz, great panel, good colors, surelly better than what I have, but...On other hand AW251HF has serious control quality issues, and do not now, playing with 240hz with blur? Blah
Or IPS/VA panels, but again, strobing on them kinda suck what I can read/see in Internet, and I do not wanna change rather good TN for something worse in term of blur, plus common IPS glow/clouding and VA slow pix transitions.

So, so far from this topic I can see, that really I should aim for XL2546, as it has better panel than I have now, and better 120/144Hz BFI implementation called DyAc.

And I really must buy something, looking at OLED prices for monitor screens in past, I rather skip it, really, it shouldn't be so expensive...have LG C8 now, it is brilliant, 1700e(but could find 1400-1500e too like 3 months ago) and from it u could easily carve 4 FHD displays...And my 2720 has developed more clouding and new dead/stuck pixels, so I am annoyed by it now.
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