FPS drops in UFO Test: Blur Trail

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FPS drops in UFO Test: Blur Trail

Post by Indialien » 01 Mar 2020, 23:11

I'm experiencing FPS drops while doing the UFO Test: Blur Trail. I'm using a 160hz monitor set to 160hz refresh rate. The FPS fluctuates from 160 down to about 155, even dipping into the 120 range randomly. The only application open on my PC is Firefox, which is running the test. The test constantly switches from the green "Ready" indicator to the yellow "Stutter Warning" indicator saying "browser stutter detected 1+)

I read through some of the other threads and saw a suggestion to change the power mode. I've changed my power mode from Balanced to High performance, but the "stutter" still persists.

Any help would greatly appreciated.
Thank you

PC Specs:
GPU - EVGA Geforce RTX 2080Ti
CPU - Intel i9 9900K
RAM - 16GB
Monitor - Asus ROG PG248Q (G-SYNC capable)

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Re: FPS drops in UFO Test: Blur Trail

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 02 Mar 2020, 19:44

Browsers are very sensitive to stutter, and browser stutter is sometimes hard to diagnose.

Also, run Task Manager to see if other tasks are surging in processor time randomly.

You can screenshot www.testufo.com/animation-time-graph -- as part of this diagnosis.

Testing another browser (e.g. Chrome vs FireFox vs the new Edge browser) can be useful.

Also, some setups switch to VRR mode or VSYNC OFF mode when in full screen mode, so try non-maximized mode and see if things are more stable. If you want to run fullscreen, try temporarily turning disabling Windowed G-SYNC, and use "VSYNC ON" in NVIDIA Control Panel, for full screen modes.
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Re: FPS drops in UFO Test: Blur Trail

Post by nuninho1980 » 03 Mar 2020, 19:13


Do we update W10 2004 for eliminate micro-stutter at very/ultra low CPU usage without other application?
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RAM: 2x8GB [email protected]
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