xl2546k and 2540k panel

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xl2546k and 2540k panel

Post by antiblur » 20 Nov 2021, 08:36

Hello everyone. Here they write that xl2546k and 2540k use different panels:Q250HTN00 A200 and M250HTN018. However, Benq support denied this and now there is evidence that they are practically honest. Here is a review of the person who bought 2540k and there was a panel: Q250HTN00 A200 . And now, I want to share information. I bought 2540k in the past and there was a panel:M250HTN018. I returned it because there were a lot of scanlines and walking pixels. Recently I decided to try my luck again with a bank and took 2546k. I was surprised when in the service menu I found that the panel is the same as in 2540k:M250HTN018ImageImage. Strobing works adequately, the panel as a whole is better tuned, there are no moving pixels, scanlines are minimal, I was ready to leave this panel if I had not discovered a defect in the form of an elongated spot on the third day:ImageImage . I have already seen reviews of other monitors with such a matrix, people say that this is due to the fact that the panels are stored face down, or transported incorrectly https://market.yandex.ru/product--24-5- ... 86/reviews .Now I am thinking about returning, unless of course there is no chance to fix it. Maybe someone from the forum experts knows if there is a possibility that this defect will pass by itself? Sorry for my English.
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Re: xl2546k and 2540k panel

Post by Falkentyne » 21 Nov 2021, 05:56

Probably correct. Looks like the back of the monitor plating compressing on the polarizer over time. If that's from them being stored improperly face down (they're supposed to be face up), that could explain a lot.

Chief? Do you remember this?

I think this was first mentioned many years ago, perhaps it was on the Asus VG278H/HE or something? A discussion on HardOCP forums was quite extensive about this. It was rumored (but not proven) that it had something to do with the backing of the monitor, due to the uniqueness of the shape. If this same defect is happening 10 years later...well...that explains everything.

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Re: xl2546k and 2540k panel

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 25 Nov 2021, 17:57

Run for 72 hours nonstop, maximum brightness, loop of dark content.

The liquid will reflow and this bracket pressure spot will fade or disappear.
LCD stands for "Liquid Crystal Display".
There is a liquid between the glass layers of the display.

The monitor stand can create pressure spots if your monitor is stored.
A monitor that is tightly packed in a box.
Or the monitor box is stored improperly, or the box is shipped flat sideways on the shipping courier truck.
The weight of the stand is pushing on the glass. Like a big finger pushing on a screen. The screen distorts with pressure.

Run your monitor for at least 72 hours at maximum brightness.
Run as hot as safely possible.
Run a loop of dark content when not in use (black absorbs light to create more heat).
Turn off your screen saver.
The liquid will flow around, and then balance more uniformly.
The bracket pressure spot will disappear.
Blacks and grays begin to look better.
If still not fixed, then claim the warranty.
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