Need some advice A3433DWF vs PG27AQDM

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Need some advice A3433DWF vs PG27AQDM

Post by Dez » 18 Nov 2023, 03:25

Hi all,

But of a novice at this stuff and was looking for advice.

I currently have the Alienware 34 and the Asus 27 240hz oled is on the Black Friday sale.

I solely pretty much play competitive fps games CS2 and Overwatch and currently i scale down the 34 so it shows as 2560x1440 so essentially black bars 27 inch. It’s an okay setup but would it be worth for me to step up to the 240hz oled! I wouldn’t have chosen the 34 but it was a gift from family and to be fair it’s great for day to day work. If you follow cs I am around 17k rating atm so I’m fairly sweaty.

Just wanted to know if you guys would upgrade or just keep doing what I’m doing and scale with black bars which is 27 inch anyway.

Sorry for dumb question but I wasn’t sure

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Re: Need some advice A3433DWF vs PG27AQDM

Post by Dalek » 20 Nov 2023, 11:13

I'd just go with the AQDM seeing as you're scaling down already. Maybe just use the 34" for desktop only if you have the space available for both monitors. Or sell the 34" and use the money from that to purchase the AQDM.

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