Should BFI improve motion blur when I am moving

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Should BFI improve motion blur when I am moving

Post by Zebedee » 28 Nov 2023, 05:54


LG C1 at 120hz motion pro high.

Playing Apex Legends at a locked 120fps and trying to get the most out of BFI. Whilst I think that other characters and objects' motion blur reduces when I'm not moving (I am still, they are not), as soon as I move my mouse or strafe the whole thing becomes just as blurry as BFI off.

I haven't tested other games so unsure whether this is a one off, or this is expected behaviour? Thanks.

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Re: Should BFI improve motion blur when I am moving

Post by Discorz » 29 Nov 2023, 08:53

To see improvements of BFI you must eye-track something in motion. If not eye-tracking you won't benefit from it. With stationary-gaze stroboscopic effect becomes an issue which can only be fixed with ultra high refresh/frame rate or mitigated with in-game motion blur.
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Re: Should BFI improve motion blur when I am moving

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 30 Nov 2023, 01:23

Also, BFI on most 120Hz OLEDs only reduce motion blur by 50%.

It depends on the model, the LG CX did a better job, it could do shorter pulse widths;

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Re: Should BFI improve motion blur when I am moving

Post by RonsonPL » 03 Feb 2024, 13:12

Besides the most important thing mentioned above (eye tracking), also check this:

Make a test with ufotest page, or by using a controller to create steady movement. If you see a big difference between controller vs. mouse, then that's what you're seeing. Inconsistency causing perceived micro-stutter, which can only be solved by high USB polling rate mouse, like Razor 8khz (4000-8000Hz should be enough)

4ms persistence is still quite a lot. So this could be covered by a more pronounced issue (here, 4ms persistence) and therefore being not visible.

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