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Alienware AW2518HF Testing

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Re: Alienware AW2518HF Testing

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 12 Mar 2018, 11:47

taisel wrote:This finding suggests people can do the large vertical totals trick on the 144hz mode, although there is no point, as this isn't a strobing monitor. Maybe save it for a newer version that does when it comes out.

Side note about another undocumented purpose of Large Vertical Totals:

Large Vertical Totals (via Front Porch padding) also reduce the input lag of VSYNC ON via a "Quick Frame Transport" behaviour. This is what the new HDMI 2.1 QFT protocol really is -- it's essentially a high dotclock accelerating the delivery of refresh cycles. The same thing happens with Large Vertical Totals if you put Active near the beginning of refresh cycles and pad after it (e.g. Front Porch).

So Large Vertical Totals can be useful for a low-lag 60Hz VSYNC ON mode (~VT4300 or thereabouts at 60Hz -- a whopping four times Vertical Total as 240Hz). This can improve the latency of the 60Hz mode of a 240Hz monitor.

Too bad video game consoles won't (currently) support this -- this is only good for a lower-lag fixed-hz 60Hz mode.
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Re: Alienware AW2518HF Testing

Postby taisel » 04 Apr 2018, 05:07

Tried another timing alteration.


We're at 593.41MHz pixel clock now (Display reports that it can do up to 600), up from 567.37MHz default.
No frameskips or black screen issues.

Also fixes any display corruption due to idle memory clock bugs you may have.

Wonder if we can cheat it into not caring about the refresh rate itself. It seems to have some form of sanity check to make sure you're not too far off from 239.76 inside the firmware.

I think the firmware also checks to make sure the timings are compliant to any timing standard (LCD/GTF/CVT), but they accidentally left open them all instead of just locking it down to the default one given. Basically some developer backdoored it for themselves for testing, and tried to find the best LVT timings to put as default, but let it accept the other standardized timings (Thank fuck for that... using the standardized timings fixes display corruption from memory idle clock bugs.).
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Re: Alienware AW2518HF Testing

Postby tibaland » 12 Jul 2018, 10:38

Hello guys, im new in this forum and i created my account to talk about this monitor.

i recently buyed, this version and came with deadpixel, dell changed the monitor 3 times, and the 3 times came with deadpixel / stuckpixel

I wonder if it is normal, because it is not possible to change the monitor so many times and continue to come with a problem
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Re: Alienware AW2518HF Testing

Postby RealNC » 12 Jul 2018, 18:21

Are they sending you the same monitor back? :-/

Other than that, if the monitor doesn't come with a "zero pixel" guarantee, I'm not sure there's much you can do other than try and request a refund and then buy from somewhere else, NOT from the same shop.
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