Re: How to make a 480fps @ 480Hz video!? [Success!]

Discussion about 120fps HFR as well as future Ultra HFR (240fps, 480fps and 1000fps) playing back in real time on high refresh rate displays. See Ultra HFR HOWTO for bleeding edge experimentation.
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Re: How to make a 480fps @ 480Hz video!? [Success!]

Post by POVHFR Videos » 03 May 2018, 16:18

Chief Blur Buster wrote:
Chief Blur Buster wrote:I will ask Zis. I have heard about a second manufacturing run later this year.
I got word. Zisworks tells me a small quantity of 480Hz monitors (of the current run) will be back in stock in a few weeks. You'll just have to sit tight, email him for an update.
POVHFR Videos wrote:Ok :) Who knows, maybe he is building that 1000hz panel :D
Small refinements, plus the addition of good overdrive (which the 480Hz panel doesn't have) -- to TN LCD panels will probably be able to bring LCD to roughly ~1000Hz within ten years. With a lot of hard work, TN LCD pixel transitions can be pushed to roughly ~0.5ms for GtG10->90% curve -- AOC reportedly has achieved doing some of that already. The Zisworks panel slower than that. One big limiting factor is the manufacturers will need to add more high-bandwidth LVDS channels to a panel, to do it at full resolution at full refresh rate.

Before then, DLP chips are the cheapest way to get 1000Hz today. Right now, today, it really takes just only $200 of FPGA modifications to turn a cheap $700 projector to a 1000Hz projector, but it requires a FPGA super-genius and a ton of programming time to pull off. I bet Zis could handle it. Right now, the market is too small, but 1000Hz fundamentally isn't necessarily expensive when we're talking about DLP chips. Also, bitdepth severely goes down, so multiple DLP chips needs to be multiplexed together to get the bitdepth back.

Regardless, ~2025 is my prediction for true-1000Hz display refresh rates. Long wait though.
Ok. I can see actually 2020 or 2021 as the earliest 1000hz monitors at 1080p or 1440p resolutions, but 2025 just to be safe. I just downloaded Blender 2.79, and the Blender can now export at any frame rate!! I'm now trying 1920fps full speed video (Interpolated using PotPlayer) from some videos I shot about a week ago on my GoPro Hero 6 at 1/1920 shutter at 1080p240. 1920hz monitors do exist, but they are extremely low quality (52x52 pixels at 17") from china. With the way VR is going, we may see 1920hz by 2025 and 1000hz by 2020-22. I can wait 2 to 7 years though, by then these videos would be archives that look completely realistic, like a lucid dream!

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Re: How to make a 480fps @ 480Hz video!? [Success!]

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 04 May 2018, 10:06

Baby steps first -- 1000 Hz is the more realistic holy grail to attain.

I currently think high-def 2KHz+ displays aren't still until >2030 but realistically high-def 1000 Hz displays will arrive next decade, given that is the territory of the "strobeless ULMB" holy grail. Further little steps begin to be massively diminishing points of returns (that roughly ends at around ~10KHz-20KHz).

But awareness must be raised that 1000Hz isn't silly -- since makes "flickerless CRT" or "strobeless ULMB" possible.

I am dreaming up some Blur Busters X-Prizes (2019) in this ultra-Hz/ultra-HFR territory. Keep tuned.
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