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Welcome to this NEW forum (Summer 2018)

Talk to software developers and aspiring geeks. Programming tips. Improve motion fluidity. Reduce input lag. Come Present() yourself!

Welcome to this NEW forum (Summer 2018)

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 17 May 2018, 19:34


As you've noticed, I've created this new forum for software developers.

I've just moved some old historic threads from the past, into this forum.

Go ahead and Present() yourself, create new threads about anything programming related.
- Stutter
- Input lag
- Fluidity
- High frame rates
- Benchmarking
- Performance profiling
- Advanced topics such as "racing the beam"
- etc.

Blur Busters, being fans of high-refresh-rates and low-latency, creates some interesting software developer conversation from time to time -- and so this is a new topic area!

Mark Rejhon
Chief Blur Buster
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