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best motion ?

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best motion ?

Postby alkaizer » 14 Jun 2018, 14:12


I have pioneer kuro and Samsung plasma the latest one released before retirement.

last month I was in my friend house who plays playstation 4 in a pc monitor. I immediately noticed a significant difference in motion.

this kind of motion can be had if I enable "motion smooth" in my plasmas but it will create bad effects.

why the pc monitor lot better in motion than standard tv??

I also heard of 65 inch pc monitor which will be released soon. would it have a superior motion for playstation, animes, football than standard plasma/oled/lcd?? and why??
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Re: best motion ?

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 19 Jun 2018, 21:51

What model monitor was your friend playing?

Blur reduction LCDs can have less motion blur than old plasma displays (yes, even the Kuro). See Motion Blur Reduction FAQ.
That's why a BenQ XL2720Z with a properly adjusted strobe-backlight phase (via ...) can actually have less motion blur than a plasma display -- and be as sharp as a CRT with a Playstation 4 or XBox 1.

As for the 65 inch BFGD and FreeSync compatible displays, the answer is not easy to answer. Not necessarily, different attributes will be better than others. You will get some things better and other things worse. As for animes and football, probably not. As for game motion, probably yes. Many plasma displays are not as good as modern desktop gaming monitors nowadays. Color quality is not as good as plasma though. LCD blacks are still crap unless you buy the 384-zone local dimmed Acer X27. But many new gaming LCDs can beat plasma in video game motion quality now.

Sure, the plasma old-timer people of the great AVSFORUM website (...I used to be the moderator of the AVSFORUM Home Theater Computers Forums there...), some will tell you that LCD doesn't beat plasma, but that was years ago -- this is 2018. The best LCD's have less than 1/10th the motion blur of a Kuro now, if you buy the world's best strobe backlight models. Certain LCD finally became CRT clarity a few years ago (Even though Kuro blacks are still much better than them) -- and what you saw at your friends was probably not one of these better LCDs at all.

If you want the "Kuro" of gaming monitors, some possible high end monitors to consider is ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ and ACER Predator X35. They have 384 zone local dimming in a desktop monitor and have ultra low lag too, plus HDR, to boot. They produce better blacks and colors than the Kuro. But you're paying $2000 for a desktop monitor. It won't have a Blur Reduction mode, but in all other attributes, it can practically blow away the Kuro when it comes to PC gaming.

If you're looking for a bigger display, and if motion clarity of gaming is most important to you, then you could also look for a 60Hz strobed LCD at if motion clarity is most important to you.

Right now, there is no good all-in-one display that is perfect for everything. That's the toughie for any Kuro owner, as the Kuro is an amazing plasma. A 2017 LG OLED will beat it in most categories, however -- Jorim has one. And it even supports 120Hz at 1080p for PC gaming.
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