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Buying a new graphics card and monitor soon

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Buying a new graphics card and monitor soon

Postby Litzner » 11 Jul 2018, 13:43

I am looking to upgrade my aging GTX 970 soon and also upgrade to a adaptive sync monitor. I am looking to wait until FreeSync 2, GSync HDR monitors are available around what I am looking for (1080p, 144-240hz) and really compare my options. Price to feature wise it looks like AMD will be trashing NVidia on the monitor front, but losing out on the performance front from the video card. It looks like the GSync HDR monitors are going to be crazy expensive when compared to FreeSync 2.

The rumor mill is churning that the 11XX cards from Nvidia will be out in September, and maybe AMD will answer with something that could be coming out sometime shortly after those. I am sure that AMD will be still trailing Nvidia, but I am thinking it may be worth the performance hit to grab the much more affordable monitors.

Do we think it is worth switching to AMD for the much better monitor prices? Do we think that there is a chance of NVidia picking up the open FreeSync 2 spec?
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Re: Buying a new graphics card and monitor soon

Postby RealNC » 12 Jul 2018, 01:37

I doubt there will be 1080p HDR monitors. I think HDR certifications also include minimum requirements for pixel density.

As for NVidia supporting FreeSync: No way in hell. Maybe (and even that is doubtful) they'll support HDMI VRR on TVs some day. But FreeSync on monitors? No way. (OK, never say never, but it would be a really, really unexpected move from NVidia.)
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Re: Buying a new graphics card and monitor soon

Postby haanuman » 18 Jul 2018, 03:35

I agree with RealNC on this. Nvidia and FreeSync would never come even close to each other lol!
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