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Best cheap IPS LCD option?

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Best cheap IPS LCD option?

Postby xeos » 12 Jul 2018, 15:23

New member here. I used to do vision science for a living, and we swore by CRTS even as recently as a couple years ago, do to the low lag, low persistence, adjustable refresh rate, etc. I can remember doing some early VR stuff with shutter glasses at 200hz. Turns out that red phosphors decay faster than blue or green, and at 200hz you could really see ghosting unless you only used red stimuli! 4 years ago when I last had a job we never touched LCDs because they couldn't come close to CRTs, and since then I haven't followed the issue at all so I'm wondering if the input lag and blur really are big issues, at least for idle hobbyists like myself.

now I'm a stay at home dad so my budget isn't what it used to be :-) For retro gaming I still have an old Sony trinitron CRT tv, but for PC gaming I use an LCD just like everybody else. It's an old one, with horrendous lag; 60ms by the old stopwatch cloned on a CRT method. Gotta upgrade from that. Unfortunately I need IPS-level viewing angles, so I'm kind stuck with something barely fast enough to qualify for this forum.

I'm looking at the Dell SE2717HR, which is 75hz max refresh rate, and freesync compatible. No good reviews of input lag though. Tom's hardware says the lag is actually pretty bad, on the order of 60ms from button push to pixel change on the screen, but their lag number are always hugely higher than more respectable sites like (gotta love google's auto-translate).

Or if I go with a cheap option that has actually reviewed I end up with ASUS VC279H, which is only 60hz, but according to their review only 12ms of lag and very little motion blur.

So I guess my question is, if I'm not going to spend the cash for 144hz, is any 75hz freesync monitor going to be about the same, with lag on the order of 10-20ms, or is it worth going with an older but carefully characterized monitor like the VC279H?
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Re: Best cheap IPS LCD option?

Postby ahmedpc03 » 13 Jul 2018, 16:18

i tried the lg 27mp59g-p, no noticeable input lag at all , average is 9ms which is very good ... estresults

i can confirm for you lg is handling the response time very well with this monitor
my nephew using this monitor with his ps4 on 60hz only and the motion is very well, you can check also lg have couples of monitors ultra wide with 75 hz and supporting freesync

you can check also acer having some new models new released with 1ms visual response boost

acer NITRO VG0 ... .HV0EE.001
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