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Asus PG27U and Acer X27 Impressions (4k/144hz/features)

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Re: Asus PG27U and Acer X27 Impressions (4k/144hz/features)

Postby darzo » 11 Aug 2018, 16:18

I might try it. When I had tried changing anything in the Nvidia settings previously everything was applied and I found my picture to be messed up without being able to change that in those settings.

The Asus was back in stock at my Micro Center so I got a replacement, bringing the total up to four monitors I've tried. It's a mixed bag. This monitor was manufactured in July as opposed to June and I was right about the brightness being off in SDR. There are now DP/HDMI SDR YCbCr sRGB Gamma on/off options that when on make the monitor look like other monitors, both on the desktop and in games regardless whether you're using sRGB or Wide Gamut. I wonder whether the absence of these options will affect resale value for the earliest buyers. Shockingly this Asus unit has the dark blotches only the Acer had around the OSD, although not nearly as bad. Very much hoping this is not indicative of practical flaws. The first monitor I got, if I recall correctly, was the only one that didn't seem to halo around or bleed through the Displayport message on start-up. Accordingly, I've noticed practical haloing on this monitor as well but it might not be as bad as the one I just replaced. I'm now using Gsync for both fullscreen and windowed, which shouldn't make a difference, but so far I'm not noticing weirdness in motion at 144hz. I'm also no longer blown away by how Destiny 2 looks in HDR, don't know if that's the first monitor being the golden goose or whatever with the best picture that I just threw away (which I now obviously regret) or I've gotten used to it (although I did compare the Acer to a pg278qr for context). The VESA mounted high-pitched fan noise is probably just as bad on this fourth unit as it was on the first. The first may have had its issues with performance in motion, as I noted earlier.

Shame on these two companies for their quality control. It seems there is no price tag at which they will do their jobs professionally. They should consider themselves very lucky that they have a partnership with Nvidia and better companies like Samsung and LG haven't taken over the gaming monitor market. I don't know if this is something still endemic to Asian manufacturers from certain countries (anyone aware of Hifiman headphones?) but I don't understand their sloppiness. Is it a gold rush environment there? Ironic considering what their values are supposed to be.


I'm also noticing against white backgrounds that this monitor appears to have that Asus yellow tint, especially lower on the screen, something I hadn't noticed on the other units. It's also funny that you can clearly see haloing on their forum where the background is black and the text is white. I'll RMA this monitor at some point in the future when I might have at least two weeks open. Apparently there's no point to returning and replacing anymore. It appears I got lucky initially, at this point I'd be making unreasonable demands from Micro Center.

I read a comment on reddit a week ago from someone who claims to have worked for companies like this. They would build review units in different conditions- meticulously, with different people (not in "sweatshops"), making sure they submit a monitor for review that is the best it can be. Clearly the actual customers are treated differently.
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