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samsung c27hg70 multichannel scanning backlight or not?

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samsung c27hg70 multichannel scanning backlight or not?

Postby strobeydobe » 12 Aug 2018, 07:09

Hey all, new here, huge fan of low persistence displays and the work you guys have done spreading awareness.

I was wondering if anyone knew for sure whether the chg70 had a multizone scanning backlight like the cfg70 and cfg73 series. The cfg70/73 are advertised to have 'impulsive scanning' and I have seen the results myself ie. low strobe crosstalk.

I am not sure if this is the case with the c27hg70 as the tft central review reports the c32hg70 having a crosstalk increase as you move down the panel (ctrl + f for crosstalk: This crosstalk increase pattern is fairly typical of single zone backlights. Additionally on samsungs website, impulsive scanning is not explicitly advertised on the chg70 series which leads me question whether it is a mulizone scanning or standard on/off backlight monitor.
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