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Viewsonic XG2530 Input Lag Question

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Viewsonic XG2530 Input Lag Question

Postby Seik0 » 13 Jan 2019, 18:07

Hello Blur Busters ;

Are there any downside to use XG2530 @130fps on 240hz for example. i know it is very good on 240hz + uncapped framerate and better than 144hz. Reviews show that XG2530 has slightly more input lag than others. (i don't know this is correct or not, this is why im here)

Generally my computer reach around 100-150 fps(R6 and Overwatch) so if i get better input lag on 144hz monitor for example on XG2402(lowest input lag monitor@144hz via rtings.), i wanna go with it.

i have Gtx 1070 Core i5 7400, i have 27inch 60hz samsung monitor right now.(S27E310) i can feel the input lag...
i play generally vsync off and uncapped framerate to minimal input lag, i just open vsync on Forza horizon 4 because game run like 20fps when vsync off @60fps+

i don't have any issue with blur so don't need blur reduction or something, i will plannig to play fps games on Viewsonic.
XG2530 is in my maximum budget.

Thanks for your answers.
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Re: Viewsonic XG2530 Input Lag Question

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 13 Jan 2019, 21:33

It's not a clear cut answer because:

Absolute lag is lower on XG2402 than XG2530
(relative lag between GPU pixel output of graphics card to corresponding pixel emitting photons)

Scanout lag is higher on XG2402 than XG2530
(interval between refresh cycles & the difference between top edge and bottom edge)

Be noted that not all pixels emit photons at the same time, as refresh cycles are scanned-out in a top-to-bottom fashion as seen in high speed videos. For the common use case of paid eSports, it's hard to say what lag factor influence your gameplay. There are continual tradeoffs occuring between absolute lag and scanout lag.

Let's compare absolute-laggier 240Hz versus lower-laggier 120Hz that is only 1ms lower lag. Often much lower scanout lag (e.g. 4.16ms instead of 8.33ms) can overcome a 1ms increasee in absolute lag. For simplicity, let's round 4.16ms to 4ms. And 8.33ms to 8ms. Here's an example. In this situation, 1ms more absolute lag but half scanout lag, becomes a pick-poison choice of refreshing at

First 20ms of refresh cycles of a 120Hz monitor:
- +0ms, +8ms, +16ms

First 20ms of refresh cycles from a 240Hz monitor (1ms laggier, but half scanout lag)
- +1ms, +5ms, +9ms, +13ms, +17ms

Notice the pattern? You've added 1ms absolute lag, but you've cut scanout lag by half because of twice as many refresh opportunities. Which can compensate. Those extra refresh opportunies (lower scanout lag) occasionally more than compensate the increase in absolute lag. Improving lagfeel. But not always, it just depends on the variables. If it's just a millisecond more absolute lag, stick with 240Hz. But if there's several more milliseconds of absolute lag, yeah, that's gonna kill all the scanout lag advantages. We're not sure where the threshold of preference is (how much absolute lag needs to increase in order to kill the scanout lag advantage) ....and different eSports players have conflicting opinions. So YMMV.

Note: Racing games like Forza look much better with VSYNC ON since perfect refresh rate sync looks prettier, even if slightly laggier -- fortunately real car steering wheels and gas/brakes have lag in the real world, so display lag in racing games are actually natural feeling unlike for FPS games. Unlike for FPS games, I recommend sticking to VSYNC ON when playing Forza.
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Re: Viewsonic XG2530 Input Lag Question

Postby Seik0 » 14 Jan 2019, 04:41

Thank you very much for your answer. Really
İ will go with the XG2530.
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Re: Viewsonic XG2530 Input Lag Question

Postby MatrixQW » 14 Jan 2019, 06:30

The way to know if lower input lag with 144hz is worth it over 240hz with higher input lag, is to try both models one after the other.
Play 30 minutes with 144hz and unplug, plug the 240hz.
If there is a difference, a player will feel it. With first person shooters at least.
There is always the chance to get both and return the one we don't want.

BTW, does 240hz work with DVI-D dual link?
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Re: Viewsonic XG2530 Input Lag Question

Postby Seik0 » 14 Jan 2019, 11:26

İ don’t have to chance to try both of them and, can i understand in 30 minutes gameplay, i don’t think so.
But if it’s worth i can consider to buy XG258Q from Asus over Viewsonic in my country.
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