Picture on three screens !

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Picture on three screens !

Post by katiequinn » 09 Aug 2019, 03:01


I have problem right now. Let's explain how it my setup used to be. I was sitting at my desktop with one screen (Asus VW246H) and then I duplicated the picture to my TV (Samsung Flat) over HDMI so my girlfriend could watch me playing games. Now I bought the new BenQ XL2411z. Now I have two screens on my desktop where I run the BenQ as main screen (1920x1080 on 120hz) and the Asus (in 60Hz) on the right as a second screen. Now the BenQ is connected to my HD7970 via DVI, the Asus via HDMI and now I connected the Samsung over a HDMI cable which goes over a MiniDisplayPort-Adapter into my graphic card.

I tried to have the BenQ as Main screen, Asus as second screen and Samsung as duplicated main screen, but this does not look to work. I can only have it as disconnected device in my settings. If I try to implement it as I want I get an error which says that I should try another combination of screens.

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Re: Picture on three screens !

Post by karavanasam » 09 Aug 2019, 03:32

Why dont you just use BenQ and Samsung ?Why are you trying to be naughty and try to use 2 monitors and one tv at the same time?
A simple solution. :lol:

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