AOC G2590px 60 fps problems

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AOC G2590px 60 fps problems

Post by Khaos » 06 Nov 2019, 03:20

Ryzen 7 2700x
1060 6Gb
AOC G2590PX Monitor
Gaming mode enabled
Overdrive (Medium) I have tried Weak also

Hello all,
I have bought the mentioned monitor some weeks ago. I had an old LG 23 inch monitor (60Hz) that died, so I had to replace it. I chose this monitor for Gsync compatibility and 1080p mostly.
The problem is that I can't stand playing 60fps with this new monitor. I enable Gsync and it seems to work (indicator + no tearing and high smoothness). However, the camera movement in all games I play (at 60 or 70fps capped with RTSS depending on game - Outer worlds, Watch dogs 2, AC Odyssey, Borderlands 2, for example) makes me dizzy when I am in front of the screen. There is a weird loss of focus when moving the camera with the mouse (and with the gamepad also), that stops when you stop moving it. It seems mostly smooth (not always though- sometimes it seems to frameskip a bit, although the fps is 60) but very tiring to the eyes (I cant explain it any better). This happens mostly at 60 fps and starts to fade away when going higher and higher. Note that I have tried disabling all kinds of TAA in games and checked that also. It seems to be a general issue with all games that have to be played at 70 fps or lower.
Some other times it seems to be a bit better (not as tiring when moving the camera). I can't really understand why, though. Maybe the PC/monitor/game restarts, i dont know.
I tried to change setting the monitor on/off, change gamemodes, overdrive, reinstall drivers, DDU GPU drivers etc and still it doenst work correctly.
Is this really normal to be so bad playing at 60 fps with this monitor (or these kind of monitors)? Does anyone have such issues with this monitor (or the G2590fx which is the same)?
I would like to know, as I cannot return the monitor anymore. The only way is warranty (I cant understand if the monitor is faulty or if I cant get used to it)
Thank you all for your time :)

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