Are There any Reviews for the Asus TUF VG27BQ?

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Are There any Reviews for the Asus TUF VG27BQ?

Post by senny22 » 14 Jan 2020, 06:05

I'm quite interested in this monitor as it ticks all boxes for me. While I'm not overly picky regarding colors for my monitors, I would still like to know if it's absolutely horrible or at least okay after some calibration. I couldn't find any reviews on the monitor though so that's why I'm asking here.

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Re: Are There any Reviews for the Asus TUF VG27BQ?

Post by AddictFPS » 18 Jan 2020, 12:50

One here, but is not a deep review:

Asus TUF Series 2019 (VG27BQ, VG27AQ and VG32VQ) have issues with ELMB-Sync that cause Double Strobe (Double Images), ignore this feature... use ELMB without Variable Refresh Rate for fine strobing. ... #elmb-sync

Seems a good 1440p TN monitor, but at Amazon, some people complains about post-manufacturing quality control, some units reach the customers with dead pixel "Right OutOfTheBox", that is allways very annoying :( , or atrocious Backlight Bleeding caused by excesive pressure of bezel/frame around panel edges.

These problems are unfortunately not exclusive to this model and brand, currently it is very difficult to find a gaming model that gives you certain guarantees in this aspect, so you might have to return it and try a second unit, wasting time, and money with shipment :(

Moreover, three amazon germany customers, has detected a "strange defect", if the half upper is illuminated, at bottom-right corner appears one bright pixel, and if half bottom is ilumined, bright pixel at top-left corner......... :lol: ... geNumber=1

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