VRR + Samsung NU8000 + Xbox One X + Modern Warfare

The XBOX ONE Console supports 120Hz+, FreeSync, and 1440p. Getting help with getting "Better Than 60Hz" on the XBOX ONE.
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VRR + Samsung NU8000 + Xbox One X + Modern Warfare

Post by THX-UltraII » 14 Feb 2020, 07:21

I have a Xbox One X, a Samsung N8000 and Modern Warfare. On the Rtings review of the Samsung NU8000 I have read that you can get a very low input lag by using VRR. The Samsung NU8000 is VRR compatible and the Xbox One X also supports this. How can I get this work? I have read some comments (don t know where anymore) that some people say the game itself (in my case Modern Warfare) needs to support VRR but others say that this is not required. Can someone with experience with the combination I have (Samsung+Xbox X+Modern Warfare) help me out on this subject?

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Re: VRR + Samsung NU8000 + Xbox One X + Modern Warfare

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 24 Feb 2020, 02:02

Did you enable the "Allow Variable Refresh Rate" option?
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