Why people buy LCD curved monitors ?

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Why people buy LCD curved monitors ?

Post by AddictFPS » 14 Feb 2020, 09:41

These monitors are only curved in horizontal axi, vertical axi is flat, this cause a geometric distortion, with spike deformation at corners, even seeing it from the recommended position and distance :shock:

Also, due to concave effect, see it at different angles cause ugly geometric distortion. The max angle available is less degrees that flat LCD. With the maximun angle available, user only can see half monitor screen, the half close to him is hidded by the bezel. But ok, this can be assumed, because is not designed for view at different angles, is like VR screen, nobody buy to view at angles, non sense.

But curved monitor is not VR screen, and in day to day use, it is impossible to avoid seeing it from different angles.

I remenber how people demanding years ago that curved CRT convex effect sould be fixed to solve the geometric problem, and all happy with CRT flat tubes, Flatron, Trinitron, Diamondtron, and more happy later with LCD perfect flat, both home users and professionals CAD, Photography, ...

Today, curved screen marketing highlight only the good side of this tech, the "sourrounding" effect, but no word about atrocious geometry from the recommended position and distance. And they intend to convince us that this is the fashion, modern, the future :lol:

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Re: Why people buy LCD curved monitors ?

Post by RealNC » 17 Feb 2020, 11:07

They buy these because they don't know better. Manufacturers curved their monitors not because of the "surrounding effect" (lol, what "surrounding" effect? Do you sit so close to the monitor that your nose touches it?), but because a curved monitor hides LCD panel shortcomings (color, gamma and brightness shift and/or IPS glow at the left/right edges due to viewing angles, especially on ultrawide.)

A curved monitor's image geometry is really good if someone nails your head to your chair so it doesn't move and you're sitting at the exact perfect distance from it, never moving. So... yeah. :mrgreen:
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