Ghosting masked by motion blur? Strobe-backlight artifacts vs ghosting artifacts?

Many sites including LinusTechTips, RTINGS, TomsHardware, and others use the free Blur Busters pursuit camera invention. Now also avaialble as a rail-less smartphone wave, too!
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Re: Ghosting masked by motion blur?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 01 Apr 2020, 16:46

techless wrote:
01 Apr 2020, 06:16
Ah sorry, I got that wrong somehow... Thought there maybe was a bigger meaning to video pursuits that I hadn't realized.
No worries -- some of this is Blur Busters fault -- a lot of our HOWTOs are written a little too advanced. I have to distill these.

The pursuit camera articles are very old now, so I need to rewrite it eventually, or create a Chapter 2 that better explains the advantages of using video for pursuit camera.

As many readers are familiar -- the absent minded professor gene is strong -- there's so many subtle subtopics in this refresh rate race, so little time to (invent | create | write articles | collaborate | help | consult | etc) on everything in the Entire Blur Busters Universe.

Your rig is fantastic and I hope you keep posting and/or creating more YouTubes with this!
techless wrote:
01 Apr 2020, 06:16
Wouldn't mind a little spoiler :mrgreen:
I usually keep most new test cards close to my chest -- until announced :D

However, you can send TestUFO test ideas: Ideas of new TestUFO tests -- SUGGESTIONS HERE
(modifications to existing tests, as well as additional new tests)

I welcome further suggestions!
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