144hz monitor with blurry image at 144hz (in 120Hz the image is normal).

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144hz monitor with blurry image at 144hz (in 120Hz the image is normal).

Post by DanielRocha015 » 22 Apr 2021, 01:28


I recently purchased a player category monitor with a 144 Hz IPS panel.

As it is my first monitor of this type, when I turned it on I noticed that a resolution that was set to Native 1920x1080 was only updated to a maximum of 120Hz (on the nvidia control panel it was in the category of SD, HD and Ultra HD Resolutions)

Researching a little, I found that to activate 144hz it was necessary to configure the resolution that was in the PC category of the Nvidia Control Panel.

That done, I noticed that at this specific resolution, I only had two refresh rate options: 100Hz and 144Hz.

At 100Hz, the image is clear and without blur. However, when set at 144Hz, the resolution is out of focus, blurred, as if it were not the actual resolution chosen.

Based on this, limited by (still) little knowledge about this category of monitors, I considered the possibility of this occurring because of the version of the DisplayPort Cable in the case of 1.2.

But as I'm not sure and believing in the fact that it might be something else, I decided to post this question here on the forum. I hope someone can help me with this problem.

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