ASUS VG259QM (240 Hz) - question about G-SYNC, ELMB etc.

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ASUS VG259QM (240 Hz) - question about G-SYNC, ELMB etc.

Post by Hviid » 29 Apr 2021, 13:39

Hello, as the title suggests, I have a few questions regarding the options this monitor has. I got it a few days ago, and the only other monitor I've had in seven years was an ASUS VG248QE that didn't have nearly as many customisation options as this one. Therefore I got a few questions:
1. If you use G-sync, I have read that you should lock your fps to your refresh rate minus 3, so in this case 277 Hz + enable V-sync in the NVIDIA control panel? Is this correct? Also when it comes to locking your fps is it okay to use the option the NVIDIA control panel itself to lock the fps?
2. I know that G-sync introduces a minimal amount of input lag, but I have also heard that if you get more fps than your refresh rate (like if you get 300 fps, but only have 280 Hz), then you will encounter more input lag. Is this true?
3. Okay, so my final question revolves around the ELMB SYNC. I know it's meant to reduce motion blur by using backlight strobing, but I think I've read somewhere that your fps need to match your refresh rate and be stable there (so if you 280 Hz, you have to have a stable 280 fps for ELMB SYNC to be effective) Is this true? I've also heard that if your fps drops too much, ELMB SYNC will be useless, so is it true that if you get let's say 90-100 fps-ish is it best to turn it off?

Sorry for my many questions, but I hope you guys can help me out and clear up some of these things - thanks in advance!

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