G-sync gives me headache

Talk about NVIDIA G-SYNC, a variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. G-SYNC eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces input lag. List of G-SYNC Monitors.
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G-sync gives me headache

Post by BusterBunny » 31 Jul 2020, 08:53

First of all, Credit's for this amazing site. Years i come here for information. Thanks for the knowledge that's been shared.

Therefore I hope for some answers. For someone with cvs (computer vision syndrome) i allways search for the best possible settings to reduce my dizziness, nausea, fatigueness and eye strain. Been switching for years between Benq en ASUS monitors. Now finnaly i found the perfect monitor and setting to play longer sessions without a headache the next day. (Those who wonder, ASUS TUF VG259Q) II can now play easily 4 cs go matches without any problems.

Last week i was testing G-sync for the first time. Following your'e guide and everything worked like intended. I never played csgo so smooth ever. It was an amazing expierence. The only problem was, that i only played 1 match and the next day i felt the headache again. How is this possible? Thought G-sync eleminate tearing and ghosting. I really want to keep using this. I also noticed that my capped fps of 141 (144hz monitor) bounced from 136/140. Why isnt this a steady 141 fps? I can easily get uncapped 350/400 fps on all maps.

My second question is a bit more complicated. Since I moved to a other area in my city. I experienced more lag and delay problems ingame. (same connection and provider, 250dl/20upl) I downranked 2 ranks. Not that is really matters what rank you got (specially with all the cheaters lately) but I couldn't even hold the most simple corners anymore. Every time, I was to late to react. Of course I'm aware of peekers advantage and lag compensation.

After investing in a new computer and connection, (later specs) I finnaly got my rank back. But I'm stuck for a while now. And I'm still struggling now and then to make the most easiest kills because the delay is holding me back sometimes, even if my aim is on point. I really want that last rank and to achieve that, I think I need the fasted settings for my monitor because it can't be my computer nor connection. I hope to get the lowest latency and fastest response too play lag free.

Do I need NULL activated when I play without Gsync? I just reinstalled windows and it's already maxed out. No apps running in the back ground, disabled DVR and max performance, mouse 6/11, polling rate 1000, Nvidia shader cache off for ssd. No bios adjustments so far.

Extra information

Rate : 786432
Cl_interp 0
Cl_interp_ratio 1
Fps uncapped : 350/400
Raw input on
Launch option : novid

Connection : viber
Download : 510
Upload : 600

Specs :
Ryzen 3700
Msi mpg x 570 gaming plus
1660 GTX super gaming X
Ssd Samsung 970 plus 500 GB
DDR4 16 GB 3200 MHZ
Water cooled.

Monitor mode : FPS

TLTR: how can G-sync give me headache, did I do something wrong? I hope to get the fastest settings for lowest input lag for my monitor and do I need Null without Gsync.

I hope to get some usefull answers, btw English is nog my native language, thanks for reading.

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Re: G-sync gives me headache

Post by BusterBunny » 14 Aug 2020, 09:45


Since nobody could help me, I have a new question. According to a review from displayninja, to get 3Ms response time, I need to set Tracefree overdrive option to 100. However, that introduces a lot of pixel overshoot. When I do the UFO test, you can see clearly ghosting. It goes away with option 40.

Whats better for CS.GO:

Setting 100 = 3MS + ghosting
Setting 40 = no ghosting (recommend according by displayninja)

Keep in mind that I want the fastest game experience for my monitor

Thanks for reading

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Re: G-sync gives me headache

Post by fowteen » 15 Aug 2020, 18:59

Use the highest overdrive setting that gives you no noticable overshooting as that will give you the best visual experience, almost no monitors perform with no overshoot at the highest overdrive option

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Re: G-sync gives me headache

Post by BusterBunny » 17 Aug 2020, 05:10

Thanks for you're reply. Could you explain what pixel overshoot exactly is? Is it bad for aiming, bad voor visual or just being bad for you're monitor in general?

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