Strobe tuning 2546

Adjusting BENQ Blur Reduction and DyAc (Dynamic Acceleration) including Blur Busters Strobe Utility. Supports most BenQ/Zowie Z-Series monitors (XL2411, XL2420, XL2720, XL2735, XL2540, XL2546)
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Strobe tuning 2546

Post by Loubie » 31 Jan 2023, 18:54

Saw some talk about strobe tuning on the xl2546 and how it could give an advantage over having 240hz (I'm a competitive valorant pro player, but sadly stuck with this monitor because we are in a bootcamp currently)

Which settings would you recommend please? strobe tuning would be best for 182hz as I've read in some threads, am I correct?

And also for some reason Valorant only detects the highest refresh rates, so anything other than 240hz is not shown sadly, if you have any fix for that as well I'd be grateful

Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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Re: Strobe tuning 2546

Post by dickcheneyx » 07 Feb 2023, 21:03

For you best settings question i think there are better responses on this forum than i could provide.

For your refresh rate issue i would try (i don't play valorant but these are just my thoughts)

- Disabling vsync
- Setting the refresh rate via nvidia control panel vs windows (if you have nvidia)
- Running the game in Administrator mode
- settings refresh rate via display properties mode (not main display window in display if on w10/11)
-Using only 1 monitor if you are using more than 1.
-Use CRU instead of nvidia control panel to set refresh rate

From my cursory check it seems like valorant is a bit finicky when it comes to refresh rates.

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