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by greenenemy
10 Apr 2015, 03:24
Forum: Input Lag
Topic: Input lag AB test
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Re: Input lag AB test

Same here.
I wasn't able to pass 20ms test, but when i first tried LightBoost i could feel the difference in game(quake live with lg tracking only) before i even knew about this half frame lag.
by greenenemy
11 Mar 2015, 05:07
Forum: Software Developers / Low-Lag Code / Game Programming
Topic: Can someone make a HumanBenchmark test
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Re: Can someone make a HumanBenchmark test

Nice program, thanks. I'm getting around 50ms better results with this than with, both @120hz. For v sync off change line #2 from love.window.setMode(0, 0, {fullscreen = true}) to love.window.setMode(0, 0, {vsync=false, fullscreen = true}) Also i would change state 1 to black and ...